About Us

Our Vision

Our members use business acumen to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Our Mission

The Social Enterprise Club is the home for all students at Columbia Business School who want to use business skills to create social, environmental, and economic value within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We:

  • Connect students interested in social enterprise with each other, faculty, alumni, professionals, and organizations
  • Enrich our members’ understanding of industries, ideas and initiatives that create social impact
  • Inspire students to become leaders who improve the world.

The Social Enterprise Club collaborates with the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and other clubs under the auspices of the Center on advancing social enterprise initiatives at Columbia Business School.

Social Enterprise Program Structure

The Social Enterprise Club at Columbia Business School is a Net Impact chapter. It hosted the 2004 Net Impact Conference.

SEC Officers

Melanie Chow, Email: MChow17@gsb.columbia.edu
Tory Tevis, Email: VTevis17@gsb.columbia.edu

Prospective Students
VP: Eugene Chai, Email: EChai17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Elsbeth Grant, Email: EGrant18@gsb.columbia.edu

Careers & Alumni Relations
VP: Sonja Weaver-Madsen, Email: SWeaverMadsen17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Emily Kingsley-Ma, Email: EKingsleyma18@gsb.columbia.edu

VP: Talia Tay, Email: TTay17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Jessica Beidelman, Email: JBeidelman18@gsb.columbia.edu

Conference and Net Impact
VP: Meredith Milstein, Email: MMilstein17@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Hillary Wool, Email: HWool17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Natasha Korgaonkar, Email: NKorgaonkar18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Chris Russell, Email: CRussell18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: JoAnne Williams, Email: JWilliams18@gsb.columbia.edu

VP: Bill Fields, Email: WFields17@gsb.columbia.edu

Events and Communications 
VP: Pinar Bilgic, Email: PBilgic17@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Kaushik Kappagantulu, Email: KKappagantulu17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Imani Gooden, Email: IGooden18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Anne McGrath, Email: AMcgrath18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Gabriella Stoudemire, Email: GStoudemire18@gsb.columbia.edu

Finance and Membership
VP: Kate Canfield, Email: KCanfield17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: David Schreiber, Email: DSchreiber18@gsb.columbia.edu

International Development
VP: Ian Clowes, Email: IClowes17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Charlotte Paulson, Email: CPaulson18@gsb.columbia.edu

Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship
VP: Kim Gittleson, Email: KGittleson17@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Ian Krohn, Email: IKrohn17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Steffi Fitter, Email: SFitter18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Sarah Shenker, Email: SShenker18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Hannah Siegelberg, Email: HSiegelberg18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Tim Stenovec, Email: TStenovec17@gsb.columbia.edu

VP: Meghana Reddy, Email: MReddy17@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Amanda Huang, Email: AHuang18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: April Qi, Email: YQi18@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Louis Verdi, Email: LVerdi18@gsb.columbia.edu