About Us

Our Vision

Our members use business acumen to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Our Mission

The Social Enterprise Club is the home for all students at Columbia Business School who want to use business skills to create social, environmental, and economic value within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We:

  • Connect students interested in social enterprise with each other, faculty, alumni, professionals, and organizations
  • Enrich our members’ understanding of industries, ideas and initiatives that create social impact
  • Inspire students to become leaders who improve the world.

The Social Enterprise Club collaborates with the Social Enterprise Program (SEP) and other clubs under the auspices of the SEP on advancing social enterprise initiatives at Columbia Business School.

Social Enterprise Program Structure

Social Enterprise Program Structure

The Social Enterprise Program is faculty-run and supports the student-driven initiatives, including the Social Enterprise Club, International Development Club, Green Business Club, Nonprofit Board Leadership Program, Pangea Advisors, and Microlumbia.

The Social Enterprise Club at Columbia Business School is a Net Impact chapter. It hosted the 2004 Net Impact Conference.

SEC Officers

Julia Barmeier, Email: jbarmeier14@gsb.columbia.edu
Liz Millman, Email: emillman14@gsb.columbia.edu

Prospective Students
VP: Daniella Gold, Email: dgold14@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Kim Issa, Email: kissa14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Elizabeth Miller, Email: eamiller15@gsb.columbia.edu

Events & Communications
VP: Lauren Brom, Email: lbrom14@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Lauren Ryan, Email: lryan14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Anna Gohmann, Email: agohmann15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Jessica Hamerslough, Email: jhamerslough15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Stephanie Sherline, Email ssherline15@gsb.columbia.edu

Finance and Membership
VP: Sam Chapin, Email: schapin14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Sarah Sung, Email ssung15@gsb.columbia.edu

VP: Lizzie Elston, Email: eelston14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Julie Brickman, Email: jbrickman15@gsb.columbia.edu

VP: Jennifer Shea, Email: jshea14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Sean Holman, Email: sholman15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Sheila Zeidman, Email: szeidman15@gsb.columbia.edu

SEC Conference / Net Impact
VP: Vi Menon, Email: vmenon14@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Jenny Tolan, Email: jtolan14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Seema Balani, Email: sbalani15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Amritha Subramanian, Email asubramanian15@gsb.columbia.edu

Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship
VP: Meri Crowther, Email: mcrowther14@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Jessica Hammerman, Email: jhammerman14@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Wanessa Ferreira, Email: wferreira15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Nikhil Kumar, Email: nkumar15@gsb.columbia.edu

AVP: Mariana Diaz Munoz, Email: mdiazmunoz15@gsb.columbia.edu

J-Term Rep
Natalie Rubin, Email: nrubin14@gsb.columbia.edu

SEC Officer Bios

Julia Barmeier ’14 (co-president)






I worked for six years in international development before coming to Columbia Business School. Most recently I worked as a research assistant in the office of the Chief Economist at the World Bank. Previously, I worked at the Center for Global Development, a think tank, and completed two years of Peace Corps service consulting to artisan businesses in rural Peru. For my summer internship, I joined the Strategic Initiatives internal consulting team at New York City Transit.

#whycbsSEC: What I love about SEC is the range of opportunities we provide to students at Columbia Business School. Some students are interested in exploring careers, some are interested in our education programming, some are interested in socializing with like-minded individuals, some  are seeking all three. I am proud that SEC is able to cater and adapt to the different needs of social sector students year in and year out.

Liz Millman  ’14 (co-president)


Before coming to Columbia Business School, I spent eight years at the Joffrey Ballet where I oversaw the management of the education programs.  During that time, I had the privilege of building two complementary components of the educational programming from the ground level: the outreach programs and the Academy of Dance.  I made the transition into management consulting as a summer intern at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2013 and am enthusiastic about returning to my new BCG “family” at the New Jersey office to launch my post-MBA career.  In the long term, I am excited about continuing to incorporate mission-driven work into my daily pursuits in some fashion.

#whycbsSEC: I am honored to be serving the Columbia Business School community this year as co-president of the Social Enterprise Club (SEC).  I am certain that the people involved in the SEC are the most grounded, passionate and inspiring group of individuals on campus; the memories I shared with this talented group in the past year are my most cherished business school memories to date.

Daniella Gold  ’14 (Prospective Students)





Prior to CBS, I worked in the education and curatorial department of  museums and arts non-profits.  Most recently, I was the Exhibition, Technology and Education Coordinator at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. My experience working with the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program has allowed me to see current students, regardless of background and career interest, become excited about the nonprofit sector.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite thing about SEC is the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded peers and to learn from industry leaders through SEC programming.

Kim Issa ’14 (Prospective Students)





I am Lebanese and prior to school, I worked with Procter and Gamble Geneva, CH for 3.5 years after getting my undergrad degree from the American University of Beirut.

#whycbsSEC: I joined the SEC because they were the first contact I got with CBS after being accepted; the VP of Prospective students at the time reached out to me to say congratulations. They knew I was interested in the social sphere and was going back to a non-profit after school. The SEC provides a lot of opportunities to discover new people and ideas and it is a pleasure to be part of such a strong community! Everyone in this group has something to bring to the table whether it is their origins, their passions or their businesses. Finally being prospective students VP in the board of the SEC is my own little way of giving back as it is that same role that got me in this club in the first place!

Elizabeth Miller ’15 (Prospective Students)






After graduating from Georgetown University in 2009, I accepted a teaching position with the French Ministry of Education. I worked at a large public school on Reunion Island, which is a French overseas territory located off the eastern coast of Africa, near Madagascar. After one year of tropical living, I decided to return to the U.S., and joined the American Councils for International Education, an NGO based in Washington, DC. For three years, I worked as a Program Officer on global education initiatives funded by the U.S. Department of State.  While in DC, I also was certified as a French interpreter for recently arrived refugees through the International Rescue Committee.

#whycbsSEC: When it came time to look at business schools, the very active social enterprise presence on campus played a huge role in my decision to attend Columbia. I am excited to learn more about the many ways leaders can apply their business skills to achieve social impact and I am also looking forward to sharing this wonderful community with prospective students!

Lauren Brom ’14 (Communications, Events, & Peer-to-Peer Groups)







Last summer, I worked at Bain & Company, where I advised a CPG company on organic and M&A growth strategies.  Prior to attending Columbia Business School, I worked for Uncommon Schools as the Director of Special Projects.  In this role, I managed strategic initiatives including student recruitment, school compliance, Board of Trustees meetings, and data management on behalf of 13 schools.  For my first job out of undergrad, I was a Teach For America Corps Member, teaching 7thgrade Math at MS 317.  I went to Pomona College and grew up in Iowa.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite thing about the SEC is the people!  I love surrounding myself with smart, creative students who are passionate about making the world a little bit better than it was before.

Lauren Ryan ’14 (Communication, Events & Peer-to-Peer Groups)






Before attending Columbia Business School, I spent three years as a consultant at a boutique firm helping hospital clients optimize their revenue cycle operations. For my summer internship, I worked at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, strategizing with the 100Kin10 organization to design a process for annual data collection from its network of partners. A Bay Area native, I love rolling hills and golden bridges.

#whycbsSEC: I joined SEC because I believe that creating social impact from a business perspective has amazing potential. My favorite SEC memory comes from last year when I helped coordinate the wildly successfully (and fun!) first-year auctions to raise money for SESF – a fund to help support CBS students who want to pursue a social impact summer internship.

Anna Gohmann ’15 (Communications, Events, & Peer-to-Peer Groups)






Before I joined the wonderful CBSl and SEC community, I served in the Obama administration as an Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In this capacity, I managed all of the Agency’s internal communications and external events. I previously worked at USAID as a Press Aide, where I managed U.S. Government communications in the wake of the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2010. I earlier served as a Strategic Communications consultant at the Dewey Square Group where I worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign for President as well as the 2008 Democratic National Convention staff. I began my career as a Press Secretary for U.S. Congresswoman Melissa Bean.

#whycbsSEC:  I came to the Social Enterprise Conference in 2010 and was blown away by the strength of the Social Enterprise community and the impact the club made through leveraging its members’ knowledge and expertise. The Social Enterprise Club was one of the reasons I came to Columbia Business School and has been one of my most enjoyable experiences here.

Jessica Hamerslough ’15 (Communications, Events, & Peer-to-Peer Groups)





I spent the past 6 years (mostly in NYC) in management consulting working across State & Local Government, Financial Services, and Healthcare for Diamond Management & Technology Consultants and most recently, PwC (which acquired Diamond).

#whycbsSEC: My favorite event has been Social Enterprise Conference and the Overcoming Barriers to Corporate Change panel…a really interesting discussion and an awesome facilitator, who just so happens to be a CBS alum.  I love the SEC because the people are…amazing: there’s a wide array of backgrounds, a number of different personalities, but everyone is similarly passionate about making a positive social impact through business and management.

Stephanie Sherline ’15 (Communications, Events, & Peer-to-Peer Groups)






I am originally from Michigan and went to undergrad at Northwestern University, with a major in Theatre.  Prior to CBS, I spent 6 years doing Production Management for Broadway, Off-Broadway and Touring productions (both in Chicago and NYC).  I coordinated the budgets, timelines, labor, trucking and logistics of the show’s design elements (sets, lights, sound, props, special effects, etc).  I also did some acting, improv, guitar playing, and music composition on the side!

#whycbsSEC: The SEC is an incredibly diverse, passionate, and supportive group of people.  I’ve loved getting to know everyone in the club and what unique aspect of Social Enterprise they are drawn to.  We also have an immense amount of support from the school through the Social Enterprise Program!

Sam Chapin ’14 (finance & membership)


Sam Chapin, the VP of Membership & Finance, spent the first four years of his career working for an affordable housing developer in the NYC area. He is hoping to return to the affordable housing space, structuring either debt or equity investments in affordable housing and community revitalization projects. He is hoping that his involvement in the SEC and the social enterprise education he is receiving at CBS will provide a strong moral and ethical foundation upon which he can build his career.

#whycbsSEC: The SEC and the board have provided a great professional network with career experience across the industry spectrum as well as a superb network of friends!!

Sarah Sung ’15 (Finance & Membership)






Prior to business school, I worked in the Corporate Audit department at Fidelity Investments in Jersey City, NJ. I primarily worked on audits of the operational processes of the firm and also led volunteer teams with Fidelity Cares, the community service arm of Fidelity.

#whycbsSEC: I joined the SEC because of the learning opportunities and the ability to meet other great people who are interested in social enterprise.

Lizzie Elston ’14 (Entrepreneurship)

Before starting at Columbia (2008-2012), I worked for the Vera Institute of Justice, a nonprofit organization in New York City that provides research and technical assistance to government agencies. I studied the outcomes and operations of New York City’s child welfare system and laid the groundwork for key reforms to improve its fairness and efficiency. Prior to my time at Vera, I interned with a legal services nonprofit organization in Durban, South Africa, where I conducted research in support of a class action lawsuit to ensure adequate school infrastructure for rural students. I graduated cum laude from Yale University in 2006 with a BA, and majored in cultural anthropology.

#whycbsSEC: I joined the SEC because I am planning my career in the public sector and want to build a network of classmates with similar interests. My favorite SEC event last year was our company visit to DonorsChoose.org.

Julie Brickman ’15 (Entrepreneurship)






My background is in non-profit management and international development. After college, I spent four years working on Teach For America’s Admissions Team in operations and strategy. Then I served as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years in Mozambique, where I worked on projects related to education, small business and community health.

#whycbsSEC: I joined SEC because I was hoping to find a community of people passionate about making a social impact through business – and I have! SEC members bring a lot of passion and unique experiences to CBS, they’re a great network for anyone interested in working in the social space. And they’re also a lot of fun!

Jennifer Shea ’15 (Careers)






Before coming to CBS, I was a turnaround consultant for public K-12 school districts and state education agencies that were struggling to improve their lowest-performing schools. Previously, I was a federal lobbyist supporting public charter schools at the national level. After graduation, I definitely want to return to the education reform sector, most likely in education technology.

#whycbsSEC: I love so many aspects of the SEC; it’s hard to pick just one. As a 2nd year student, so far the Social Enterprise Conference is at the top of my list. Not only did we have CBS students volunteering their time to manage sessions and ensure the day went smoothly, the conference also attracted like-minded students from across Columbia University who were eager to help make the event a huge success.

Sean Holman ’15 (Careers)






Prior to CBS, I studied political science and international relations, and then put the theory into practice as a Naval Intelligence Officer.  I completed an around the world cruise, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and traveled extensively in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  My roles ranged from geopolitical analysis to counterterrorism targeting, and every day brought a new adventure in the international arena.  Having the opportunity to work with and lead some of the amazing talent at DEVGRU continuously exposed me to the delicate balancing act between security and development abroad and has been the highlight of my career to date!

#whycbsSEC: My favorite event so far has been the “Impact Investing in Action – Where Would You Put Your Money” working group that was held at the annual conference.  Led by former CBS prof, now-CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund Antony Bugg-Levin and Acumen Innovation Associate Jessica Martin, we examined the case of an aspiring seed developer in Kenya, analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of his business plan, made a call, and learned about how the situation ultimately played out in the real world.

Sheila Zeidman ’15 (Careers)






Before coming to business school I worked at New York Needs You, a career development nonprofit for low-income college students in New York City. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, I attended Rutgers University for undergrad and worked in financial services for a few years before transitioning to the social sector.

#whycbsSEC: I love being a part of SEC because of the amazing, talented and super-friendly people the club brings together from across the CBS community. I look forward to getting to know my SEC peers better over the next two years and contributing to the great programming and professional opportunities SEC provides.

Vi Menon ’14 (conference)


Prior to CBS, I worked as a strategy and operations consultant for Deloitte Consulting. Over three years I worked across four industries and 8 projects in various roles from pricing strategy to manufacturing operations. My work involved crafting proposals for new businesses, leading clients teams through project implementations and growing Deloitte’s brand name through internal initiatives and white papers.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite SEC memory is the Conference gift bag stuffing, pizza and wine party! It felt like such a community!  Also, the Social Enterprise Conference, obviously!

Jenny Tolan ’14 (conference)






Before business school, I worked across social enterprise in global development, education, and green business. I started at the Global Fund for Children in DC and then joined their non-profit consulting partner Dasra in India. Next I served in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica and completed Teach for America at a KIPP charter school in Brooklyn. Finally, I led sales and marketing at IceStone, manufacturer of recycled glass countertops. This past summer I worked at Google, and I hope to return there in a global education role.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite things about SEC are the Catskills Retreat, the fantastic alumni network, and the absolutely wonderful people in the club and on the board.

Seema Balani ’15 (Conference)







I am originally from Negril, Jamaica with family roots in India and Spain.  Prior to business school, I worked for Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations practice in Atlanta, GA.  There, I served healthcare clients on various performance improvement, mergers & acquisitions and healthcare reform projects.  I also volunteered on an international development project with Drishtee Foundation (NGO) in Bihar India in 2011, working to empower women through entrepreneurship and increase access to health products in rural India.  Now at CBS I hope to combine my interests in healthcare and social enterprise, and establish a long-term career at the intersection of the two.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite SEC memory is volunteering at the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference where I ran into old friends and made many new, and very inspiring, new ones!

Amritha Subramanian ’15 (Conference)







Born in India, grew up in Sydney Australia, worked as an IT Consultant for 6 years with KPMG, decided I needed to follow my real passion which was International development. Quit my job and did pro-bono consulting work for social startups and enterprises in Sydney, visited India and decided I definitely wanted to do this full-time, but I wanted to bridge business with social sector skills to really make an impact. So here I am!

#whycbsSEC: Because we’re the coolest club in town and after a long day sitting in accounting and finance, hanging out with the SEC kids reminds me why I’m here. We are such a passionate and inspiring bunch of people and I love us to bits!

Meri Crowther ’14 (Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship)







I graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Political Science and International Studies. Prior to CBS, I worked for A.T. Kearney, a management consulting firm, where I served the energy industry and local governments among other clients. I then spent the summer of 2013 as a Social Enterprise Summer Fellow, working in Kenya to assess product distribution into urban slums.

#whycbsSEC: Not surprisingly, my favorite SEC event is the first-year auction fundraiser for the Summer Fellowship. It is so amazing and fun to watch your classmates generously auction off their time and talents for such a great cause!

Jessica Hammerman ’14 (Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship)






Prior to business school I worked at Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street. As a Project Manager in Sesame’s Educational Outreach department, I managed several initiatives that targeted the socio-emotional needs of children.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite SEC memory was the Catskills retreat last year. It was a great opportunity to escape the city and get to know more of my classmates in a low key environment.

Wanessa Ferreira ’15 (Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship)





Born and raised in Brazil, I majored in International Relations and pursued a management consulting career.  During my nearly five years at Bain & Company, I worked in different industries (covering profit, non-profit and public sectors), on several types of cases. During this time, one project had a special value to me: helping a Brazilian state to make a deep educational reform to overcome the public K-12 schools crisis. Education is a lifelong passion – I used to be a tutor for high school students and also a volunteer financial education teacher for underprivileged teenagers.

#whycbsSEC: Among all the amazing things that SEC offers, two are very special to me. First, the Education P2P group: all the Ed-enthusiasts should participate! Second, the Summer Fellowship Week: very excited to mobilize the whole school to contribute to this noble program!

Nikhil Kumar ’15 (Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship)






Before business school, I worked in management consulting and then internal strategy at Bank of America. My focus was on using data and analytics to make processes more efficient and to determine which new programs added the most value to the division and the bank.  After my MBA, I want to transition into public education reform, using my background to help determine which new programs most improve student learning. Until Columbia, I’ve been a product of public education, and I know public schools can attract great teachers and inspire kids to succeed. I believe there will be a lot of change in public education in the next ten years, and I want to help drive that change forward.

#whycbsSEC: My favorite thing about SEC is the opportunity to connect with and support a group of people who are so passionate about using their skills to make the world a better place.

Mariana Diaz Muñoz ’15 (Community)








I am an international student from Guatemala who graduated from Notre Dame in 2008 with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. After graduation, I worked for Citibank for five years both in Guatemala and Brazil in risk management and liquidity strategy positions. I am currently pursuing the MBA as a bridge into the consulting industry.

#whycbsSEC: I joined SEC because I am passionate about social entrepreneurship. I am very involved in the sector since I co-founded a venture called HANDS that provides volunteering opportunities in Central America and have witnessed first-hand the power of social entrepreneurship in leading a positive impact in the world.

Natalie Rubin ’14 (J-Term Rep)





Natalie is a former Peace Corps volunteer and spent two years working in Senegal, West Africa. There she learned to speak Wolof and cook chebugen, the national dish. Natalie then spent three years working with a client-services firm specializing in international development, splitting her time between the US and Afghanistan. While overseas Natalie worked on behalf of USAID and the World Bank to improve their project monitoring systems. Natalie is an avid skier and is always sure to watch all Oscar nominated films before the awards.

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