About Us

Our Vision

Our members use business acumen to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Our Mission

The Social Enterprise Club is the home for all students at Columbia Business School who want to use business skills to create social, environmental, and economic value within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We:

  • Connect students interested in social enterprise with each other, faculty, alumni, professionals, and organizations
  • Enrich our members’ understanding of industries, ideas and initiatives that create social impact
  • Inspire students to become leaders who improve the world.

The Social Enterprise Club collaborates with the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and other clubs under the auspices of the Center on advancing social enterprise initiatives at Columbia Business School.

Social Enterprise Program Structure

The Social Enterprise Club at Columbia Business School is a Net Impact chapter. It hosted the 2004 Net Impact Conference.

SEC Officers

Nikhil Kumar, Email: NKumar15@gsb.columbia.edu
Stephanie Sherline, Email: SSherline15@gsb.columbia.edu

Prospective Students
VP: Julie Brickman, Email: JBrickman15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Jillian Roland, Email: JRoland16@gsb.columbia.edu

Events, Communications, and Peer to Peer Groups
VP: Jessica Hamerslough, Email: JHamerslough15@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Morgan Handsman, Email: MHandsman15@gsb.columbia.edu

AVP: Mike McGregor, Email: MMcgregor16@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Samantha Strauss, Email: SStrauss16@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Kavita Gopalan, Email: KGopalan16@gsb.columbia.edu

Finance and Membership
VP: Sarah Sung, Email: SSung15@gsb.columbia.edu

Social Ventures and Innovation
VP: Anastasia Lazarenko, Email: ALazarenko15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Tessa Flippin, Email: TFlippin16@gsb.columbia.edu 

VP: Sean Holman, Email: SHolman15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Kara Dimon, Email: KDimon16@gsb.columbia.edu 

SEC Conference / Net Impact
VP: Seema Balani, Email: SBalani15@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Amritha Subramanian, Email: ASubramanian15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Dana Silberstein, Email: DSilberstein16@gsb.columbia.edu 
AVP: Manuel Hein, Email: MHein16@gsb.columbia.edu


Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship
VP: Wanessa Ferreira, Email: WFerreira15@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Elizabeth Miller, Email: EAMiller15@gsb.columbia.edu

VP: Shelia Zeidman, Email: SZeidman15@gsb.columbia.edu
VP: Elena Mayer, Email: EMayer15@gsb.columbia.edu
AVP: Alex Zhenzhe, Email: AZhenzhe16@gsb.columbia.edu

J-Term Rep
Mrinlani Ranjan, Email: MRanjan15@gsb.columbia.edu