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Columbia Business School’s Social Enterprise Club encourages nonprofits, public organizations, and businesses with a social purpose to recruit on campus, sponsor career-related or social events, and participate as speakers at social enterprise conferences and events.

Columbia student at the 2010 Social Enterprise Conference

Columbia Business School students conversed at the 2010 Social Enterprise Conference

Recruit on Campus

Members of the Social Enterprise Club have a broad array of career interests of appeal to potential employers. These include nonprofit management and consulting, for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurial social endeavors, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and corporate philanthropy, social venture capital and venture philanthropy, foundations, international development and microfinance, government and public finance, arts management, renewable energy, healthcare, education and community development.

Organizations looking to recruit MBAs or to participate in career events can:

Sponsor an Event

The Social Enterprise Club’s success depends largely on the support of public, private, and nonprofit organizations that share our social purpose. Organizations that have sponsored conferences and career panels in the past include Merck, Honest Tea, American Express Foundation, Centerbridge, and Bain and Company (with Bridgespan), to name a few. To sponsor an event, please contact the VP of Events.

Speak on a Panel

The Social Enterprise Club invites individuals who work in the field to speak at a lunch time panel or at our annual Social Enterprise Conference. Our members can benefit from career-related advice and hearing about experiences with social enterprise issues from the field. To find out more about previous social enterprise conferences and panelists, or to participate in one of our conferences, please contact the relevant student officer.

SEC Resume Book

These PDF files require a password to open (please contact the VP of Careers), and Acrobat Reader (to download and install Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe).

Front section: Introduction to the resume book, with general information about recruiting, Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School, and a table of contents. (348 MB file)

Full time: Resumes of social enterprise graduating students. Includes index of students arranged by industry and functional areas of interest. (1041 MB file)

Summer and part-time employment: Resumes of social enterprise students interested in summer internships starting in May, usually for 10–12 weeks, and students interested in part-time work during the academic year. Includes index of students arranged by industry and functional areas of interest. (1052 MB file)