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Firms with Benefits: How Sustainability is Reshaping the Competitive Business Landscape

Facilitated By Aziza Jamgerchinova ’13BUS ’06JRN

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
6-8 p.m.
Refreshments included with RSVP

Warren Hall, Room 311
1125 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027

Most executives understand the strategic importance of sustainability and how profoundly it will affect the success, and even the survival, of their businesses. However, very few have successfully tackled the challenge of creating a truly sustainable organization.

Where do businesses turn when seeking to develop or expand their sustainability practices? Where can they find answers to questions around how best to manage their supply chain, or how to reduce their carbon emissions?

The Firms with Benefits platform aims to help businesses understand how others have benefitted from incorporating sustainability into key areas of their organizations such as leadership, methodology, strategy, management, and reporting. This platform intends to cultivate and enhance both the desire and the ability to use sustainability as a competitive weapon.

Firms with Benefits will help businesses get smarter, more competitive, and more innovative by synthesizing the conversation around sustainability. The goal is to create an instructional content platform with dynamic learning videos that are short, mobile, and immediately actionable. The information will be curated for the existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community and businesses looking to leverage sustainability-based management. The videos will tell stories that identify key decision points that can be used by other companies looking to implement sustainable practices of their own.

Areas for discussion

  • What is the driving force behind corporate giants adapting and embracing sustainable business practices?
  • What are the current sources of information and resources available to a company seeking to develop or expand its sustainability practices?
  • What are various ways to share and scale knowledge around sustainable business practices and advancements?
  • How should a new sustainable business platform engage with existing groups and incorporate existing resources?

Facilitator Biography
Aziza Jamgerchinova ’13BUS ’06JRN
Aziza Jamgerchinova is a digital media consultant specializing in multi-platform content strategy and product development. She is an award-winning journalist, and spent more than a decade covering international and current affairs at The New York Times and CNN. She has also worked for companies at the center of the digital transformation of news, including Press+, GlobalPost, and GershonMedia.

In her current role, Aziza advises the world’s leading media and entertainment companies across the full spectrum of activities they need for profitable growth of their digital video businesses. Previously, Aziza led the expansion of GlobalPost, an independent news organization that was acquired by the country’s largest public broadcaster (WGBH in Boston).

Aziza is an adjunct lecturer at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and a Visiting Broadcast Professor at the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media in Bangalore. She also serves on the board of directors of Columbia Business School’s Alumni Club of New York, where she was elected President in 2016.



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This workshop is supported by the Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise Club, Green Business Club, and Tamer Center for Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School; the Social Entrepreneurship Club at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, and SUMASA at the Earth Institue.

September 27th, 2017 from  6:00 PM to  8:00 PM
Warren Hall
1125 Amsterdam Ave
Room 311
New York, NY 10027
United States
Phone: 212-854-2176