Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2009 Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Conference. We hope you learned something new, expanded your network and, most of all, enjoyed the day.

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Please join us at the October 8, 2010 Social Enterprise Conference.


The field of Social Enterprise has changed dramatically in the last decade. The nonprofit and development sectors are growing at an unbelievable rate, sustainability and greening efforts have become the newest focus in the private sector, and the economic downturn has given governmental agencies tremendous power through the bailout bill. In difficult times, we see the survival of the fittest. Strong organizations find opportunity, become even stronger, and are then in a prime position to take advantage when the economic environment begins to revitalize. This is the moment when social enterprise can shine a light on itself and propel its goals, services, and products forward.

Undoubtedly, this moment is an inflection point for social enterprise.

The 2009 Social Enterprise Conference addresses how today’s organizations can increase their strength not just to ride through the global economic downturn, but more importantly to come out on top. To accomplish this, we focus on the entire process timeline for a social venture: from the broad visioning process to the specific practices.

Your experience at the conference will follow this funneling progression. In the morning, you will hear experts in the field discussing cross-cutting subjects that apply to all sectors within the social space. These panels address both the controversial questions about impact and the various functional roles within socially and environmentally minded organizations. During the afternoon, we are offering a wide array of topic-specific panels that allow a deep dive into the content, for example education, microfinance, or green technology. Getting beyond the basic and introductory, these sessions address contemporary issues, cutting edge ideas, and practical solutions for socially minded organizations.

The Social Enterprise Program advances the understanding of how management can contribute to society and the environment and develops the next generation of social enterprise leaders.

The Social Enterprise Club The Social Enterprise Club empowers students to create social value in private and public enterprises. The Club provides networking opportunities and educational experiences for a range of social enterprise careers including: nonprofit management and consulting, corporate social responsibility, for-profit entrepreneurial endeavors, venture philanthropy, government and public finance, microfinance and community and international development.

The International Development Club The International Development Club provides a forum for MBAs seeking careers at the interface of business and international development and creates opportunities for MBA students to consult to nonprofits, public sector organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures in developing countries.

The Green Business Club The Green Business Club engages students, the Columbia Business School community and business leaders across industries on the intersection of business and sustainability.

Leadership and Ethics BoardThe Leadership and Ethics Board of the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center aims to foster a culture and safeguard a tradition of principled leadership throughout the Columbia Business School community.


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