Weekend Overview

Team formation begins in advance but is flexible to be inclusive of all participants.

The weekend will feature speakers and workshops to help each team along the journey to discover and validate product/market fit and business potential.

Friday, September 10:
Addressing Urgent Problems

Welcome & Intros
Keynote & Founders Journey Panel Speakers
Teams Finalize
Design & Business Modeling Workshops
Hacking Begins

Saturday, September 11:
Building Solutions

Workshops & Mentoring: Value Proposition
Customer Discovery, Data Analytics & MVPs
Digital Strategy
Hacking Continues

Sunday, September 12:
Pitching Solutions

Hacking/Pitching Prep
Lightning Workshop: The 30 Second Pitch
Ask Me Anything
Pitching Rounds 1 & 2

Founders and team members will fine tune their business model hypotheses based on iterative learning cycles during (and beyond) this weekend, no matter where a venture is in its development.

There will be lots of brainstorming, white-boarding, research, discovery, and preliminary validation by chatting with lots of folks virtually and IRL.  Each team’s objective is to get a sense if their venture is on the right track, get unstuck, adjust course if necessary, and be able to talk about their venture at different stages in a language different stakeholders will understand.

Questions? Please use Slack or contact us.