Nicholas Java ’12

Nicholas Java ’12 joined Glovico, a social enterprise and online service that offers real-time language courses with native-speaking teachers. Nicholas served as the US head of business development and developed a strategy to penetrate the US market. The strategy incorporated business-to-consumer activities and targeted public and private institutions for business-to-business contracts. He also assisted Glovico in recruiting Arabic teachers from Iraq, where he served with the US Army for nearly three years. Nicholas’ contributions advanced Glovico’s efforts to offer entrepreneurs from developing countries the opportunity to earn additional income through teaching their native languages.

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Journal 1

Through the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship, I joined Glovico, a social enterprise and online service that offers real-time language courses via Skype with native speakers from Africa, Latin America, and Asia. We offer basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and starting next month, Arabic. Our competitive advantage is affordability, flexibility, and intercultural dialogue.

Moreover, Glovico has a social impact because we provide economic opportunity for entrepreneurs in developing countries and foster deeper cultural understanding. Our main goal is to provide employment and economic independence to those deserving young professionals who are in countries with high levels of unemployment. We screen our teacher applicants in search of those who will benefit most from our services and set certain limits regarding personal wealth and income. Currently, our teachers are from countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Brazil, China, and soon, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, and Yemen. We are also developing a microfinance program in order to provide microloans to teachers who are unable to afford computers or bandwidth.

This summer, I will serve as Glovico’s head of business development in the United States. My primary goal is to introduce our services to the US market. My secondary goal is to establish a network of Arabic teachers. My supervisor will be Tobias Lorenz, the founder and CEO, and I will also coordinate with the heads in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Spain — Phil Westcott, Andreas von Vangerow, and Fernando Gago, respectively. I will market Glovico’s services to a number of public and private organizations throughout the United States. This will be of great benefit to my professional development and serve as a tremendous learning experience related to my own desire to start a social enterprise.

Journal 2

As US head of business development for Glovico, I have had the opportunity to create business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing campaigns and develop a sales process with academic institutions, government, and non-government organizations.

In addition, I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Glovico’s strategic growth. We want to become the first language provider on the planet offering all the languages spoken somewhere in a developing country. Therefore, we are currently setting up a database with potential teachers for more than fifty languages.

Finally, through Glovico I have been selected as a semi-finalist fellow for the Dell Social Innovation Competition (DSIC). A $3,500 grant to advance Glovico accompanied the selection, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Summer Institute on Social Entrepreneurship at Brown University in Providence, RI from August 15-19. At the conclusion of the Summer Institute, I will be given the opportunity to deliver an investment pitch to business executives and social investors.

Journal 3

Glovico seeks to become the first language provider on the planet to offer all the languages spoken somewhere in a developing country. I am happy to report that we made our first step towards that goal. We recently added Wolof, Swahili, Marathi, and Tagalong to our language spectrum.
The Summer Institute was an eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to network and consult with academics, fellow social entrepreneurs, and business professionals. From these consultations, I came away with recommendations for Glovico’s business model, marketing campaign, and customer interface, which we are currently implementing in order to improve our services.

Finally, in the fall semester, I will be continuing in my current role as the US head of business development at Glovico.