Governing Board

A special thank you to all our Governing Board members who helped guide the direction and develop the content of this conference

Alexander S. Friedman

CFO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Mark Fuller

Chairman and Founder, Monitor Group

Asad Mahmood

Managing Director, Global Social Investment Funds, Deutsche Bank;
Founder, Microfinance Club of New York

Melissa Berman

President & CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Henrik Skovby

Founder and Global Managing Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Nancy Barry

President, Enterprise Solutions to Poverty;
Former President, Women’s World Banking

Hunter Lovins

Founder & President, Natural Capitalism, Inc.;
Co-Founder, Rocky Mountain Institute

Rob Katz

Co-founder & Co-Managing Editor, www.NextBillion.net;
Knowledge & Communications Associate, Acumen Fund

Lex Fenwick

CEO, Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Ventures

Whitney Tilson

Founder and Managing Partner, T2 Partners LLC;
Vice Chairman, KIPP Academy Charter School

Mark Cirilli

Co-Founder & Managing Director, MissionPoint Capital Partners