Since 2008, Pangea Advisors has worked with more than 250 social enterprises across industries in 38 countries. We have helped organizations in projects such as developing a marketing plan for a bio-agriculture firm in India, a new organizational structure for an AIDS research center in Brazil, and a business plan for a microfinance institution in Mexico.

Typical engagements focus on completing one specific and measurable deliverable over a 10 week period. The consultants are Columbia Business School students (MBA or EMBA) who have had to compete for their spot onto a highly selective project.

Clients of Pangea Advisors

We expect our clients to devote time and resources to their project. That is the only way to ensure great results by the student consulting team on behalf of their clients. Clients should be available for a conference call every week or two, as well as be responsive to emails and requests for data and other information. We aim to build longstanding relationships with clients that allow for years of fruitful collaboration.

Project Selection Criteria

Before the start of each engagement round we invite organizations to apply a project and become our client. We assess project applications based on the following criteria:

Mission: The organization’s social, environmental, or economic development focus and its impact on communities in developing countries

Project Scope and Articulation: The clarity of the deliverables and feasibility of the scope within the 10-week project time frame. Articulation of how on-site work or field research in a developing country will add value to the project

Communication with the Team: Ability to support productive and ongoing interactions with the consulting team

Engagement Timeline

Fall RoundSpring Round
Application OpenEarly August Early December
Application Deadline
& Selection
Early SeptemberEarly January
Project Work
(Approx. 10 Weeks)
Student Travel
(5 Days at Client Site)
Late December or
Early January
Mid March or


What type of projects can Pangea Advisors help with?

Projects are distributed under three types of areas based on student’s MBA knowledge and applicability. They are mainly business strategy, market analysis, and financial consulting.

Who will be working on a Pangea Advisors project?

After your application has been selected, our team will match your project with a team of students with skillset and knowledge relevant to your project scope. Each team consists of three to four students in Columbia Business School and is armed with relevant experience, MBA tool kits, and a lot of positive energy to help your organization in the defined area.

What should I expect in a project with Pangea Advisors?

The student team will dedicate three to five hours of work each week per student for about ten weeks. Throughout the project, the students will communicate with the client regularly (two to three times a month) to request data or review their work. During the middle or at the end of the engagement, the team will conduct a week-long travel to the client site to gather information or verify findings. At the end of the engagement, there will be a presentation (in-person or virtual) of final deliverable to the client.

When can I work with Pangea Advisors?

Each school year we conduct two rounds of engagements lasting from September to January (fall round), and from February to May (spring round). Please contact us for specific dates.

If you have a project that fits the above criteria, we want to hear from you.